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He studied cinema at the Faculty of Fine Arts at D.E.U. (2003 - 2007).

The documentary film “The Remains From History (2004)” was included in the archives of the Documentary Filmmakers Association (BSB). His short films "For A Last Breath (2005)" and "Last Decision (2007)" received awards from national and international festivals.

After working as an assistant director for 2 years, he started writing scripts and shooting commercials. In 2011, he received the Best Editing award at the 48th Golden Orange Film Festival.

He directed 6 episodes of the TV series "Gurbette Aşk" broadcasted on TRT1 between 2013-2014.

In 2015, he shot his first feature film called "Sebahat and Melahat", which is a mainstream cinema. He produced and directed the short film "About Arif", which he wrote and shot in 2016, about the life of a Down syndrome individual, and this film was selected to more than 100 film festivals in 37 countries and received 18 awards.

He worked as the production consultant for the feature film "Yasamak Guzel Sey", which was released in 2016. In 2019, he produced and directed the feature-length documentary named "Chromosome Brothers".

As of 2019, he has been producing independent cinema projects under his own company "222 Film".


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